Terms & Conditions

Certification and Labels

For the safety of our customers all Magic Jewels fashion jewelry comes with a Factory Warranty Certificate and an exclusive bar-code label, ensuring the legitimacy and quality of the pieces. In addition to packaging with the designer’s logo.

Certificate of Authenticity

These pieces are produced with natural stones , 18 Ct. Gold plating, 925 Silver and Rhodium plating. *Please note that all semiprecious stones have imperfections and are part of their own beauty. All parts manufactured by Magic Jewels will have the designer logo engraved or attached to the pieces.

Hypoallergenic Standards

Items described as “Hypoallergenic” must not contain any nickel or other substance known to produce allergic reactions.


Are made with Magic Jewels International’s quality standard – In the event of defects in workmanship, the part will be replaced under this warranty. The maximum period of exchange of is 30 days, with the presentation of the guarantee, dated and signed. If the piece in question is not available we will substitute an equivalent to the customer preference. Any purchase made in promotion will not be exchanged.


We offer warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of 6 months from the date of purchase. *The warranty does not cover scratched and damaged parts.

Special Cares

In order to have your pieces at their best we advise you to avoid contact with household cleaning products, sea water, pool chlorine, perfumes, hairspray, creams and chemicals in general.

Cleaning of Jewelry

Always keep your fashion jewelry in dry places where there is no moisture and always separate from each other to avoid damage. Remove the dirt with water and soft soap, massaging with your fingers and wiping with a soft cloth. Except the pieces that have wood.


Repairs will only be accepted within 45 days of purchase, proof of certification or invoice. The repairs can be carried out through evaluation, availability of stone and approval of budget by the client.

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