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How to register your company in Dubai?

Are you a budding entrepreneur and looking for mainland company formation in Dubai? One of the first steps which you have to consider is registering your company as soon as possible. It will not only provide your business with significant exposure, but also open up various investment opportunities in Dubai.

If you are new to this type of online registration process, don’t worry. In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to register your new company in Dubai, ensuring a smooth and successful set up.

Steps that you need to follow for your company registration in Dubai?

When you are going to start an online business in Dubai, one of the initial inquiries is how to register your company online. You have to follow these steps for successful registration:

Define your business type

  • E-commerce:- An E-commerce portal for your company’s products/services via your website is a good option. It provides an online platform for your customers either in any specific region or worldwide, enabling continuous trade through a seamless connection between buyers and sellers.
  • Online portal:– The establishment of an e-marketplace, where businesses can showcase their products for sale, is also one of the top options in today’s digital age. Amazon and Flipkart are examples of successful online portals. 
  • Commercial license:– If you operate a traditional business that does not involve e-commerce, you are not restricted from selling your products online. The method of sales, whether online or otherwise, does not impact your ability to sell your products.

The first step is to choose the type of business you want to do before start the online registration process

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Select your business structure

The second step is to select whether you want to do business inside the free zone or outside the free zone. There are two types of company which are as follows:-

Mainland company:

These particular type of companies permit owners to do business all over the country i.e Dubai.

  • LLC:- Limited liability companies can have a maximum of 50 stakeholders, with each individual solely accountable for their investment in the company. LLCs are authorized to provide a wide range of consulting services, other than professional services such as auditing, legal practice, or accounting.
  • Branch office:- Foreign corporations interested in establishing their business in Dubai have the opportunity to establish branch offices and engage in marketing and business operations while adhering to regulatory guidelines.
  • Civil company:– This category of business is typically formed through professional collaborations to provide services such as consulting, legal advice, accounting, and many more.
  • Partnership firm:– Perfect for scenarios in which multiple partners work together to leverage shared management and responsibilities.

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Free zone company:

Entrepreneurs or investors operating free zone entities in Dubai are allowed 100% business ownership, along with full repatriation of profits, and exemption from corporate tax registration UAE for a specific period. 

FZ LLC(Free Zone Limited Liability Company), FZE(Free Zone Establishment), and FZ Co.( Free Zone Company) are some of free zone business structures.

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Choose the name of your business firm

The next step here is to simply choose a company name that is closely aligned with the products/services you provide. Additionally, including the designations LLC or PLC in the company name is an important step when launching a business.

Selecting the location of your office

Even though an online store may not have a physical location, it is essential to have a legal address for registration, as instructed by UAE authorities for e-commerce companies.

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Apply for license

In order to register a mainland company formation in Dubai, it is necessary – for entrepreneurs – to acquire a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). Local authorities are responsible for issuing licenses to companies registered under free zone. Additionally, entrepreneurs must secure external approvals from other governing bodies, if deemed necessary, subsequent to obtaining a business license.

Opening a bank account in Dubai

The last step of registration process is to open bank account after fulfillment of all necessary paperwork, licenses, and approvals. Entrepreneurs are advised to choose a financial institution which simply aligns with their business requirements and expectations, and that offers appealing benefits and incentives to help minimize business expenses.

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What are the documents required for online registration process?

The submission of all necessary documents is crucial for a smooth and obstacle-free company registration process in Dubai. Below is a list of required documents for business registration in Dubai:

  • Applicant’s passport-size photograph
  • Application form
  • Passport copies of all legal participants
  • Notarised and attested documents of LSA and MoA
  • Applicant’s visa
  • Ejari number (verification of business space agreement/contract)

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What are the benefits of online company registration in Dubai?

Following are the benefits of company registration in Dubai:-

  • Tax benefits:- In Dubai, there is no tax and fees applicable on online business except 5% VAT.
  • Simple to set-up:- Dubai is dedicated to ensuring that the process of obtaining a business license and registration is streamlined and user-friendly for investors. Securing an e-commerce business license in Dubai is efficient in terms of time.
  • Low cost:– Launching an online business is remarkably cost-effective from start to finish in Dubai. The expense associated with obtaining a trade license is very less in Dubai.
  • Liberal business laws:- Dubai’s business laws are very liberal which make the process of launching and running a business easy. 
  • Multiple visa:– In Dubai, with the establishment of an e-commerce business, there is the opportunity to apply for one or multiple types of visas. A variety of visa options are available for selection.

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Conclusion: Mainland company formation in Dubai

Dubai is the biggest hub for investors as it offers endless opportunities and remarkable growth. However, the process of Dubai company registration can be complex as it includes office space solutions, corporate tax registration UAE and many more. So it is advisable to seek professional advice and assistance for a smooth and successful experience.

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