Keeping the memory of your family alive 

What we provide:

We can duplicate any document in its original handwriting, be it an old family recipe, a message of encouragement from mom, a certificate, a treasured letter, or anything else. Then, in order to maintain its integrity for future generations, we laser etch it on hand-sanded wood with keepsake frames! preserving its uniqueness, emotive worth, and capacity to be loved for future generations. A Unique keepsake gifts that will always hold your Taste of Home this might become special as it can become a keepsake mom. 


Our goods aren’t made in large quantities. Every item we sell is something we also manufacture. We make orders “per order” because most of them are customized. Spray paint, vinyl, and stencils are not used by us in the production of your goods. In order to give our wood goods 3D dimension and depth, we used laser-engraved acrylic and sustainable wood materials. Our family heirloom items are long-lasting and beautifully designed! 


We only accept returns for things that are broken or faulty because most of our products are customized. Every piece is manufactured to order by hand. We will be pleased to assist you if there is ever an issue with your order! We need a clear photo of every part of the item as well as any flaws or issues. We will be pleased to provide you with a substitute. To make sure your sign received in great shape, we strongly advise you to examine it as soon as you receive it.


In conclusion we here at customized home goods try to make a special keepsake for you are your family which will last forever immortalizing your legacy and making sure that you remember them or the things they have left behind our special keepsake frames will allow you to save the most important moments of your life in a still image. 

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