Some Common Mistakes to Avoid During Film Production

You could also argue that there are no mistakes, only creative choices, because filmmaking is art, and art is subjective. However, if you were to make that point, you would be wrong. Creative decisions are one thing, but if you want to connect with your audience, you have to get the fundamental aspects of Film Production Companies in Dubai. So here are our top 6 common filmmaking mistakes that you should avoid.

Wrong Frame Rate

The most common mistake is shooting at 30 frames per second, or worse, 50 or 60 FPS. If you want to stick with 24 (23,976) frames per second, this will give you the most cinematic look. Many people may not even realize that there is a visual difference between 24, 30, 50, and 60 FPS. If you don’t want to shoot slow motion, your best bet is to shoot at the frame rate you want and slow it down to 24 FPS during post-production.

Working with Dirty Lenses or Sensors

This should not be on the list. It should be common practice. Nevertheless, it still appears a little more often. Camera lenses are made of glass. The glass will get dirty. If you don’t want your shots to look dirty, you should regularly clean the glass to remove dirt and scratches. Here are some resources on how to keep your glass clean.

No Focus On the Background

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you may be going to great lengths to get your characters and subjects on camera. However, you are more likely to forget about the background while working. For example, if you want perfection like Film Production Companies in Dubai when shooting a movie in your attic, you may want to consider removing the attic insulation if necessary. Also, make sure that there are no objects behind the person or automatic configuration

Auto Settings

Many people buy a DSLR camera and set it to automatic mode, but that’s a big mistake. Not only does it make you less of a filmmaker because you don’t know how to actually control a camera like Video Production Dubai, but it also leaves you with a lot of creative choices, especially the aperture, which is probably the most creative choice you can make during production. will be abandoned. Shooting in progress. Learn how to use manual controls! subject, such as furniture protruding from arms or heads, that may look strange or unprofessional.

Breaking the 180-Degree Rule

Let’s be honest. The 180 degree rule is more of a suggestion than a rule. Of course, not understanding what it is and why it works is the first step to creating confusing scenes and compositions that have no direct purpose. If you can first admit that you know the rules, you have every right to break them, as long as it’s done intentionally.

Improper Lighting

When we talk about lighting in film production, we’re more specifically referring to flat lighting and hotspots. Aspiring Film Production Companies in Dubai are more likely to work with existing lighting, such as outdoors. You may be familiar with tips for using outdoor lighting for potential benefits.


What do first-time directors fail at?

One of the most common mistakes is rushing into production without proper pre-production planning. This includes failing to create detailed scripts, storyboards, shot lists, or securing the necessary permits or space.

What can go wrong on a movie set?

Cast and crew members can trip over wires or be injured by explosives if stunts are flawed or not handled properly. You can’t control everyone on set, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Film production insurance protects you, your cast, crew, and equipment.

Is it difficult to make a movie?

Film production is a highly technical field and requires strong skills in areas such as cinematography, editing, and sound design. Some people can easily learn these skills, while others need to invest a lot of time to develop and strengthen their technical abilities.


In conclusion, while filmmaking is definitely an art form open to interpretation, there are fundamental aspects that should be overlooked. Significantly improve the quality of your production by avoiding common mistakes such as incorrect frame rates, neglecting lens cleanliness, ignoring background focus, relying on automatic settings, breaking the 180 degree rule, and improper lighting. can be improved. Mastering these basics tips from Film Production Companies in Dubai will improve your storytelling and help you connect more deeply with your audience.

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