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Surveying Company: Ensuring Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Navigating the intricate landscape of property compliance requires expertise, especially when dealing with the multifaceted regulations that govern real estate. Chartered surveyors play a crucial role in ensuring properties meet these standards, and companies like Chekes, a notable group of chartered surveyors in Essex, exemplify the integration of thoroughness and regulatory adherence in their practices.

Introduction to Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance in surveying involves adhering to laws and standards set by various regulatory bodies. For chartered surveyors, this means ensuring that residential or commercial properties are assessed against specific criteria to certify their safety, functionality, and market readiness.

The Role of Chartered Surveyors

Chartered surveyors are professionals endorsed by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), signifying their adherence to an internationally recognized standard of excellence. They are tasked with multiple responsibilities, from assessing property conditions and valuations to ensuring that these properties comply with building codes and legislation.

Understanding Local and National Standards

One of the primary responsibilities of chartered surveyors like Chekes is ensuring that all surveyed properties adhere to local and national building codes and safety standards. This requires a deep understanding of varied regulations that can often change and evolve.

Advanced Surveying Techniques

Utilizing the latest surveying technology, such as 3D laser scanning and geographic information systems (GIS), allows surveyors to achieve more accurate results and better compliance. These technologies provide precise data that can be crucial in making informed decisions about property adjustments needed to meet regulatory requirements.

Environmental and Sustainability Compliance

With growing concerns over environmental sustainability, chartered surveyors also assess environmental impact. This includes evaluating energy efficiency, waste management, and the ecological footprint of properties, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and contributing to sustainable development goals.

Ensuring Accessibility and Safety

Surveyors ensure properties are accessible and safe for all users, adhering to regulations such as the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) in the UK. This involves assessing entrances, internal configurations, and facilities to ensure they are usable for people with disabilities.

The Importance of Regular Property Audits

Regular audits are essential for maintaining compliance over time. Chartered surveyors conduct these audits to ensure that properties meet all required standards and regulations, addressing any issues arising from changes in the property’s use or structural integrity.

Liaising with Regulatory Bodies

Chartered surveyors often serve as the intermediary between property owners and regulatory bodies. They help navigate the complexities of compliance, submit necessary documentation, and advocate for property owners to ensure that all regulatory concerns are addressed efficiently.

Training and Continued Education

Continuous professional development is vital for chartered surveyors to stay updated on the latest regulations and surveying methods. Companies like Chekes invest in ongoing training for their surveyors, ensuring they are knowledgeable about current compliance issues and capable of handling new challenges.

Compliance in Property Transactions

Ensuring compliance is critical for legality and marketability in property sales or leasing. Chartered surveyors provide essential services in this area, performing pre-transaction surveys to identify any compliance issues affecting the transaction, thereby facilitating smoother and more reliable property deals.


Chartered surveyors play an integral role in maintaining the integrity and safety of the built environment. Companies like Chekes, with their expertise in surveying and deep understanding of regulatory standards, are crucial in ensuring that properties meet current requirements and adapt to future regulatory changes. Their work ensures that property investments are sound, secure, and compliant, providing peace of mind to owners and investors alike.

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