Watch Strap Punch: Quick Release Spring Bar Punch

We regard them as heroes in a competitive industry that increasingly manufactures wine as though it is a soft drink or a processed food product (spoofy frankenwines) with a big marketing department. Located at 700 Brookline Ave. in the lobby of the new Hilton Garden Inn, Punch Bowl is the latest offering from renowned restaurateurs, Jen and Josh Ziskin. Inspired by the historic 18th century tavern that Brookline was once famous for, the Ziskins have rekindled the spirit of the Punch Bowl and have recreated a communal gathering place in the heart of the village. Chef Josh Ziskin prepares cuisine that features his contemporary take on traditional New England fare and focuses on a variety of local farms and seafood. Punch Bowl has a slew of signature cocktails influenced by Brookline’s unique history and vibrant location. Enjoy Jen’s all female wine list inspired by the female Inn Keepers of the late 1700’s.

The New Fashioned is expected to open sometime in 2024, with more details expected during a joint press conference with the Bucks and Bars & Recreation on Wednesday, Jan. 24. For more info, check out the new concept’s website – and stay tuned to OnMilwaukee. The New Fashioned moves into the space formerly occupied by interactive bar and restaurant chain Punch Bowl Social, originally opened in 2019. The location closed during COVID-19 and didn’t reopen again until March of 2022, only to close for good a year and a half later in October 2023.

The bar, which opened in 2019, was the agency’s first big international project. Its custom two-person, island-style station is highly flexible; its perforated stainless steel hexagonal inserts can be flipped to function as a work surface or storage. The design is now one of a few models the agency offers as off-the-shelf solutions.

Three months after receiving the police investigation, Wine announced his office would not be filing criminal charges against the bouncer responsible for McKinney’s death. Police treated the incident as a death investigation, turning over their findings to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office days after McKinney died. Medical professionals understand one sucker punch bar can cause serious, deadly injuries.

There was also room for only two people, leaving the expediter—the person who garnishes and samples drinks for quality before they’re served—to stand on the side of the bar. With the new design, they’re integrated into the station, which means they don’t have to reach over the counter (or guests) to access the drink. Add a dash of black pepper and you’ve got our newest, juiciest creation. It’s like the Mai Tai of chocolate bars– fruity and sweet but delicately balanced and packs a punch.

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