Youtube 4000-hour watch time hack

If you create videos for YouTube, you probably want to monetize your work to get paid for them. To accomplish that, you must be a member of the YouTube Partner Program, which enables you to monetize your content.

You need to have 4000 hours of minimum watch time on your videos. But what exactly is watch time?

Simply put, “view hours” or “watch hours” are determined based on the length of the video. In 365 days or 12 months, you must accumulate 4000 watch hours. For instance, if you publish a video today and it receives 1000 YouTube views, with each user watching it for one minute, you now have an hour of watch time.

But how can you achieve it quickly? This article will go through all the necessary steps to help you reach 4000 hours of watch time.

Things you need to keep in mind for increasing your channel’s watch time

  • Make trending videos: The most crucial thing you must do while making a video is find decent content. Do some research on popular subjects. To discover content that is ranking, you might use web resources like Google Trends. Additionally, you can look for current events or anything else associated with your channel.

Making evergreen content, which is relevant throughout the year regardless of trends, is another option. These kinds of videos will help generate more traffic to your channel.

  • Create concise videos: You might believe a longer video will get more viewing hours. This is untrue and can even make it more difficult for you to acquire extra watch time because analytics for your channel can show that viewers are leaving before the end of the video.

YouTube monitors these analytics, and the more viewers who leave your content without watching it, the less likely it is that YouTube will promote it to more users.

Making shorter movies that viewers stick with could be a much more effective technique than producing long videos that viewers only watch 20% of.

If making short films appeals to you, remember that the 4000 hours of watch time requirement does not include the time viewers spend watching your short films.

  • Optimize your video: When you launch a new YouTube channel, the odds are stacked against you. You are a complete nothing on the platform, technically. You need evidence that your content is worthwhile for others to share.

Knowing how the algorithm functions are your best chance to regain organic traffic to your YouTube channel and increase YouTube watch time. This is the reason you should optimize your videos.

To increase the views and watch time of your videos:

  1. Add keywords. The title and the first line of your description should contain the keyword.
  2. Write a detailed and informative description.
  3. For your description, try to keep it within 100 words.

Include other variations of your primary keyword as well. Moreover, make sure your tags contain your keywords.

  • Build a playlist: The most innovative way to do this is to add your videos to a playlist if you have a collection that covers related subjects or themes.

The potential of the Autoplay feature can be fully utilized by the designer thanks to the playlist. The next video in the playlist starts playing automatically a few seconds after the first one in the list stops, thanks to the Autoplay feature.

As a result, the viewers watch the channel for a significantly more extended period and are kept entertained.

Even better, you can incorporate a link to the playlist into your video’s description or include it as a segment on your YouTube channel’s home page. A playlist option can be added to the description and pinned to the top of the comments.

  • Promote your videos: Share and promote your videos as much as you can to increase traffic and viewership. You can use your social media profiles to share your videos with your local community.

So, without hesitating, click the share button next to your films or playlists and post them on your social media sites. This way, you can benefit from your existing community on such platforms.

Ensure that your intended audience is relevant to your content. You can also copy and paste your video’s link into websites.

  • Live stream: You might not be aware of this fact, but live streaming can also assist you in approaching the 4000 hours of watch time goal. Your overall watch time includes the time people spend watching your live streams. The best thing is that you won’t need to script or edit your videos. 

Imagine if only 50 people watched your 4-hour Livestream. Still, it would be equivalent to about 200 hours of watch time.

  • Upload more often: You should upload more frequently to get more people to watch your videos. To better grasp this, consider a straightforward example: if one of your videos creates an hour of average watch time, you will need 4000 videos to reach that goal.

Therefore, you should post more frequently and lessen your emphasis on producing flawless videos for each one. However, this does not imply that you should altogether forgo video quality.

  • Pay attention to what your audience is telling you. Although many stats are available in the YouTube Studio, your subscribers will find some of the best tips for your channel’s growth. They are, after all, your clients.

Most of them know what they want to see and will tell you which videos they are watching. To understand this, look at the comments section of your next video. Highly active viewers will discuss potential videos with one another and nearly ask you to film them.

Try out a few of these suggestions. You will have additional watch time if the videos are thriving.

It could be difficult for you to comprehend how to accomplish your goals if you are new to YouTube. But if you understand how these things operate, it will be easy.

Follow the advice above to make it go faster and to increase the number of viewers and viewing time.

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